My job is to help you create what feels like home to you. Now more than ever, we need nurturing sanctuaries that hold and rejuvenate us. I have been called a color genius, color therapistcolor shaman, and marriage counselor. I have also been told more times than I remember that I do magic.


From my perspective, I allow magic. And my job is to facilitate a process that fully allows the magic to come alive in your home and spaces. 

I offer full service renovation project management along with my design and color consultation services. This ensures my oversight of all design specifications. I have created a unique business model with no mark-ups and a team of (sub)contractors, who are true professionals and craftspeople. We are able to execute on your design to deliver the highest quality kitchen, bathroom, and cosmetic renovations for less than most contractors.


For more information about my background and history, please visit ColorinSpace.com


I am honored to support and facilitate significant change in your home, especially as a reflection and intention of the transformation your life is now calling. Life is full of transition. Let’s create the space that can hold you through it all.