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I have worked on all kinds of bathrooms, from kids' to master baths and everything in between. I am a master of project management for execution and can hold your hand, step by step.


Choosing the right fixtures and finishes are the first step and the paint color that holds it all together comes last. Whether you prefer colorful and fun, contemporary and organic, or classic and elegant, I can help you carry out the design and construction of your bathroom to make it everything you dream of.

Bathroom design is complicated with all of the surfaces and hard finishes transitioning in ways that make sense. Bullnose, pencil liner, Schluter edge? Shower pan? Backsplash? I have 25 years experience with bathroom design and renovations. It's all about the details.

Allowing me to manage your renovation with my team of (sub)contractors will not only ensure that your design is executed beautifully and efficiently, we will also be able to help you for less than most contractors, since we do not mark up materials and pass on whatever trade discounts we can.

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