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I experience architectural spaces and color like music. I feel their resonance with my body. There are an awful lot of misconceptions out there as to what architectural color consultation is. It is much more complicated than picking my favorite crayons out of a crayon box. In fact, I founded an entire online business devoted to educating about it.


Color in Space, which was born in a brick & mortar storefront in Seattle, and 15 years later resides solely on the internet, defines what architectural color consultation is for the national market.


The Color in Space Methodology™ honors light as energy and recognizes architectural color as a phenomenon of physics.  

I teach and facilitate this two-step process to co-create color designs, which are in resonance with Mother Nature’s color design principles.  In addition to assisting my clients with choosing and creating paint specifications, I am working with the energy of the space to create harmony that resonates with the individuals I serve, similar to the intention of feng shui. 






“According to feng shui, our life and destiny are closely interwoven with the workings of the universe and nature. All permutations, from cosmic to atomic, resonate with us. The force that links man and his surroundings is called ch’i (translated as human spirit, energy, or cosmic breath).


“The point of feng shui is to harness and enhance environmental ch’i to improve the flow of ch’i within our bodies, thus improving our life and destiny. Harmony and balance are both crucial factors in feng shui – they pervade the process linking man and the universe." 

--Lin Yun


Metamerism is the phenomenon of how colors change in our perception. They are not static. Architectural color shifts and responds to different light conditions. And as important, they shift and respond to other colors within the space too. This is what Sir Isaac Newton’s Color Theory describes.

These photos illustrate how you cannot trust a photo to discern true architectural color, since a photograph is only capturing specific light conditions in that moment.  The only true difference in these 2 sets of photos is the blue wall.  None of the other paint colors or finishes were changed. Notice how the relationship of the complements intensifies everything?! This is what I manage for you. Metamerism.

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