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craftsman & bungalow


My color inspiration began with Craftsman and Bungalow homes, while residing in Seattle, which was settled during the height of the Arts & Crafts movement.  The foundation of the Arts & Crafts movement is the principle that our architectural designs should exist in harmony with nature.  We often see large porches, sleeping porches, and deck spaces that merge the exterior with the interior living spaces. 


My exterior color designs also jive with Mama Nature's design principles and therefore, are also aligned with the Arts & Crafts movement.  Because most Craftsman and Bungalows also display lots of carpentry and finish details, these designs allow for lots of play with small doses of accent colors to be applied to drip caps on windows and bedmold on the fascia board for example.  With significant eaves and rafter tails, I have also used those features to bring in punches of accent colors to not only enhance the color design, but the architectural design and craftspersonship too.

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