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green lake

craftsman kitchen

A true Seattle Craftsman with original dark stained fir finish carpentry. When I first worked with this family, we created a color design for all of the communal areas of the home, except the kitchen. They knew they would be remodeling the kitchen at some point in the future. 

Four years later and after helping with the exterior and their home on Orcas Island, I was asked to design their kitchen! Truly a dream project. The new kitchen countertops provided the foundation for the expansion of the home's palette. Creating a much lighter aesthetic was the goal, which is where my ability to find the right balance really came into play. I knew having some of the very dark wood elements would be important to connect the new kitchen and sunroom to the rest of the house. Staining the window sashes only, the interior of the glass-front cabinets, bookcases and bench in sunroom, and floating shelves in baking center provided the connection to the rest of the home, while the painted cabinets and woodwork provided the light freshness they were after to the flow with the countertops.

I was responsible for the custom cabinet design (layout, function, and aesthetic) and coordination and selection of all hard surfaces and color.


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