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greenwood contemporary

I worked on the original construction of this home in 2009, providing a color consultation for all 3 floors.

In 2019, I was contacted by new homeowners, who wanted assistance with finishing an unused space on the top floor of the home to make it a family room and office space. I designed and managed my team of (sub)contractors to execute on the creation of this cozy additional space. I designed new bookcases and cabinets with a window seat to maximize the office space at the light-filled end of the room. A standing desk makes for a versatile and functional work surface, with upholstered swivel stools as an option for sitting too. A powder-coated deck ladder provided the perfect solution to allow people to access the loft easily and safely. A hanging pod chair capitalizes on the exposed wood beams, anchoring a sofa and hang-out area. To maintain the storage provided in the eaves, shiplap was applied to plywood pony walls and painted to blend with the bamboo floors.

Also as part of my renovation scope in 2019, new Forbo Marmoleum floors were installed in the family mudroom to repair a concrete debacle.

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