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leschi pavilion

I was brought into this project by the design-build firm and worked directly with the clients on a substantial interior/exterior renovation project. I was responsible for coordination of all finishes and colors for the exterior, including PA Bluestone selection and layout, custom Milestone® color, and VG fir/cedar elements, in addition to paint and containers.

To bridge the new exterior pavilion, hot tub, and patio to the interior, an entertainment room was created and bathroom renovated. I was responsible for coordination of all finishes, including custom-cabinetry, tile, flooring, paint, and window treatments.

The wet bar design maximizes space left over from a closet by including a blind corner unit and dishwasher on the countertop. The space can also be used as a guest room, as there is a wall bed that can be pulled down in the middle of the tall cabinets. I was responsible for all casework design.

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